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Welcome to the Haven

"It has been such great honor serving the Haven Men's Shelter and seeing so many men turn their lives around. The Haven has formed a team of individuals dedicated to helping men in the York County area get the resources needed to transition back into society as valued citizens. We will continue to provide a Haven for homeless men as we seek to make York County a better place to live."

Toni Elliot, Executive Director

I was only a Temp when I started working for The Haven.  I was asked by a Board member if I could fill in for a few weeks, while a decision was being made for a new Executive Director, since the existing Director left for another Job opportunity.  I was given a few days of introductions to the Board and to The Haven and a hand book on operations of The Haven Shelter.  That is how I began working for The Haven Men's Shelter.  I had been praying for many years for a position that would fill my potential, I did not know immediately that The Haven was an answer to that prayer.  In a short time I then became the Interim Executive Director, because the candidate who started working for The Haven moved on to another job.   I do not think that there was a search to replace this candidate, and I just took over.  

The Haven has completely changed.  When I started the outside building was painted cream colored, it is now painted a bright blue.  This speaks to what was transformed inside of the building.  When I walked into the building for the first time, there was chaos everywhere.  Clothes stacked as high as the ceiling, a room (which is now the office) filled with junk, extra beds and just about everything you could think of.   We stopped all clothes being dropped off and asked that anyone who wished to bring clothing please drop off at The Hospice store located down the street.  The men then would receive a voucher to shop for any clothing items that they might need.  Also supplies was a great change, we had to pick up our supplies daily!  We now have a delivery once a week of all supplies, directly to the shelter.   The office was the largest change. I got rid of all the junk the extra beds and everything was cleaned out.  We then installed computers, a wireless printer, and of course the big change the internet!  The decision was that no one could use Wi-Fi, only managers that since has changed. We encouraged the men to look for jobs and to write their resume.  We have a garden and a garden story; we just recently installed a water spigot, to water the garden. The showers have been scrubbed and repainted many times, with non-slippery paint.  I could go on and on, but I will leave with this A LOT has changed since I got here, and A lot will continue to change. 

Each man that comes to the shelter is assessed, and given goals.  Please see our website and newsletters, for our many success stories.  These men and their success stories could not have been possible without the help of our community.  Each of their stories fills me with pride.  

What are your dreams for the future of the Haven?  EXPANSION!  Continuous prayers for a larger shelter.   Every time I receive a call from a man who is in crisis, which,  I am not able to help, I feel a hopeless feeling.  I know that we can never meet the entire need for our homeless population, but I do know that we can do better.  The Board and I are actively seeking ways to make this expansion happen.  

"Do All The Good That you Can, In All the ways that you CAN!"

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