Physical Address:                                                            Mailing Address:
         1435 Archive Street                                                            PO Box 10653
        Rock Hill, SC 29730                                                        Rock Hill, SC 29731

On any given night in America, it is estimated there are anywhere from 600,000 to 1 million people homeless. Of these, it is estimated that 67.5% are men.
(National Coalition for the Homeless)

Before there was a Haven Men's Shelter, there was a discussion of the homeless coalition the latter part of November, 2005. This discussion had been on-going for sometime and everyone agreed there was a need, but nothing had been done to cater to that need.

Seven agencies around Rock Hill and York County began meeting. This group consisted of the following individuals: Rebecca Melton (American Red Cross), Terri Alford (United Way), Jennifer Coye (Interfaith Hospitality), Mike Wallace (York Baptist Assoc.), Gina Amato (Piligrim's Inn), Seth Crosby (TLC Ministries), and Capt. Nakisha Carr (Salvation Army).

The group devised a plan and began looking for a location for the shelter. Once the building was obtained on 1435 Archive Street, although a temporary location, momentum picked up and the plan was put into action. The community responded well to the vision with donations and volunteers. On Tuesday, January 17, 2006, merely 6-7 weeks after the initial planning Winterhaven was opened. Volunteers were lined up to check men in each evening as well as volunteers to provide meals each night. As temperatures dropped the number of individuals coming in increased. Today, the Haven houses 12 men and operates with 4 Residential managers. The goal of the Haven is to help these men transition back into society by providing them with the necessary opportunities.

What we do at The Haven, is restore that hope. Our mission is to provide safe shelter while providing the opportunities to become productive members of society. It is our core belief that without a place to rest your mind, body, and soul, the hope of a better life and living circumstances can never happen. By providing an  adequate safe shelter, the men in our community can begin the individual journey of recovering, restoring and rebuilding their lives.