On any given night in America, it is estimated there are anywhere from 600,000 to 1 million people homeless. Of these, it is estimated that 67.5% are men.
(National Coalition for the Homeless)

If you are asked to picture in your mind a homeless man, what do you see? For a few seconds, close your eyes, utilize all your senses and develop a picture in your mind of a homeless man....

  •  Does he have tattered clothing?
  •  Is he dirty?
  •  Begging on the street?
  •  Does he smell bad?
  •  Is he lazy and unwilling to work?

Most often, this is the picture many people have in their mind of homeless men. This stereotype at one time may have been accurate, but this is not who our clients are and not what York County’s homeless men look like.

We in York County live, work, and raise our families in the communities where some people do not have the basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter. But the reasons are not because they are lazy, or addicts, or unwilling to have a better life. The reasons are as individual and personal. They are social and economic, such as lack of resources, and a lack of hope.
What we do at The Haven, is restore that hope. Our mission is to provide safe shelter while providing the opportunities to become productive members of society. It is our core belief that without a place to rest your mind, body, and soul, the hope of a better life and living circumstances can never happen. By providing an  adequate safe shelter, the men in our community can begin the individual journey of recovering, restoring and rebuilding their lives.